Awaken your soul and reconnect to your life's true purpose...

What if you had the chance today

to light a flame within

To step into your power as a

Divine Soul

and live your best life

Let the Sisterhood help you learn to fully embrace life

and LOVE yourself for the beautiful soul you are 

The Sanctuary is our online membership

A sacred circle designed for women who are excited to

awaken their soul

Our Sanctuary is for you and all sisters who are ready to walk

the enlightened path of spiritual development

Monthly Offering:

As a member - each month you'll have access to our online learning community with unlimited potential through:

  • Guided Meditations

  • Soul Maintenance Video Series

  • Goal and Intention Setting

  • Manifesting Rituals

  • Forgiveness and Self-Love Exercises

  • Guidance by the Sacred Circle Sisterhood Team

All this and MORE through access to the MEMBERS only SANCTUARY on Facebook - your SISTERHOOD - your TRIBE

Connect with like-minded women, build friendships, and develop amazing personal growth skills

Sanctuary Bonus:

All Members will have opportunities to practice with partners, participate in live events, and attend live classes and workshops. 


A Sacred Circle or Sisterhood is a SANCTUARY of safety and trust that facilitates healing and transformation for its participants. A space where ever sister is provided the opportunity to refill her cup, her own voice, trust her inner wisdom and expand more fully into and EMBRACE the totality of herself as an empowered, divine woman. 

Our Sanctuary membership offers YOU a sacred and safe place

to grow into your TRUE self

through our teams' guidance of empowerment

Helping you discover your inner wisdom, divine knowledge, and transforming into the best version of yourself are the goals we strive to achieve.

You will awaken to the knowledge that YOU are in the driver's seat of your life You can and WILL manifest the life of your dreams!

Shine bright sisters

Let the Sanctuary show you the way!

The Sanctuary membership will set your soul


Lighting a passion for spiritual knowledge like you've never known before!

Let our team help you align

yourself with the universal life force energy

through the online membership

"You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?" -Rumi

Let the sisterhood show you how to spread your wings and soar sister! You hold the power within yourself

Your Divine life awaits

© 2019 Sacred Circle Sisterhood

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